Monday, 15 August 2016

The Cameron's | Belleville, ON

Hey there!
Last night I had the wonderful pleasure of taking photos for these two lovebirds.
As an early third anniversary gift, these two thought it might be about time to update their photos.
The park that we chose was pretty packed with Rib Fest happenings and Pokemon Go players glued to their phones. Luckily, the love that these two share drowned out anything that was happening around us!

If you want to see more photos, go check out my photography site: !

Monday, 8 August 2016

Growing up.

I am finally taking the plunge into adulthood..
I have finally made my photography site!
Now, I don't have too much on it at the moment but in time it will be a little more active.
Along with it being my photography site, I am also going to have a section for life happenings. I know that I share a lot on here but I think I just needed a complete reset and our move from Manitoba to Ontario seems like the perfect time to do that!
I will still be posting on here at least once a week but you should follow along on my other site because I will be working constantly on it!

I am pretty excited for this chapter and I would really love for you all to join me :)

Happy Monday, everyone!

Friday, 5 August 2016

FOTM: July.

 1. Charlotte Cardin. Not only does this rad chick share the same beautiful name (it's the best) but she has such a mellow yet strong sound. She is also Canadian which automatically gives her 1000 gold stars in my books! My favourite song off her EP is by far, Big Boy. I could jam to this in the car, sitting around the house or working out. Such a sick song and you should all give it a listen. Check out her YouTube channel or you can find her on Spotify :)


2. Mark. My husband is my number one favourite every month but this month he has been extra awesome! Not only did this stud turn 26 (old man!) but he is switching trades in the military and I couldn't be more proud of him! He is so smart - it's almost to the point of annoying - and incredibly sweet and kind and funny and deals with me every day. He has been such a rock during this month that has been full of travel, moving and goodbyes. I love him beyond words and I am so thankful for his positive presence and his hard work to keep our family fed, warm and happy!

PC: CB Photography.

3. My Canon 6D. I don't know if it is the change of scenery but I am loving my camera so much lately! I am always itching to get out and photograph every. single. thing. in. sight! I just love it! It is such an awesome gadget to have during big changes in our lives. And not to mention, it takes fantastic photos! I really can't say much more because I just LOVE it! :)

PC: CB Photography.
PC: Mark Buckle

4. Pokemon GO. Alright. I am on the Pokemon GO train just as much as everyone else. It is the closest thing to my dream of catching actual Pokemon! It is insanely addictive and I definitely feel silly stopping in mid walk to catch an Eevee (one of my faves!) but it is so incredibly satisfying catching these not-even-real creatures! Ah! It is also oddly enjoyable walking around and pointing out other people playing Pokemon GO. I just love it!

5. PIIT 28. I have found during this time of moving that my workout/ physical game has been off. Living in hotels for the past week and a half made me lazy and the hotels we stayed at didn't offer much for workout rooms. I finally decided that I am tired of being tired and such a lazy butt that I need to get back to a routine. I find one of the best ways to start getting into a fit state of mind is by doing a monthly challenge. You can find ones for free or pay. This time, I took the plunge and paid for a workout that is already kicking my ass (excuse the language but I mean it)! This PIIT 28 workout is by Blogilates or Cassey Ho who is huge on YouTube. I used to do her monthly workout routines which are free but then I started to do more yoga (Yoga with Adriene also has a monthly yoga challenge) and weightlifting with Mark. But, I just started this program on the 2nd (so not technically a "July" favourite) and I am so in love with it! Well, I hate it and curse at her when I am doing the workouts because they are not easy, but I am so grateful to be working out "with" her and for her to have made this program for the world! I end each workout feeling so awesome and confident. If you have not done any of her videos, you should check them out! She is just the best!


Well folks, that is all for my July favourites! I feel like I have a ton more but I want to keep these minimal as to not bore you. :)

Let me know what your favourites for the month of July were!

I hope that you are all having a rad first week of August :)

Monday, 1 August 2016

It's been quiet.


My name is Charlotte and I have not posted in quite some time! 
So sorry for the silence on here - I am in the process of moving and just haven't had much time to post anything, yet! Also, I think that I needed a mental break from blogging. I felt like I was hitting a dead end, but I am ready to get back to it and just have fun!
New things are happening which means new things will happen on This Girl C!
Check back soon for a new post!

I hope that you are all having an incredible day :)

"Never ever mistake her silence for weakness.
Remember that sometimes the air stills,
before the onset of a hurricane.."

-Nikita Gill-