Saturday, 11 February 2017


Hey everyone!

Super long time no chat on this blog! I have abandoned this ship and built a new one and everyone is welcome on board (do you like these boat references?). My new photography/ life blog is called: The Return Ticket . I will be sharing my photoshoots as well as many posts about life, discoveries, DIYs, food, you name it! It is pretty much this blog but a little more focused on my photography.

Please come show some love for my new blog. I would love to have you all be apart of my life over on it and connect with you all through the comments, emails, or however you wish to communicate!

I will be deleting this blog at the end of this month to truly give myself the fresh start that I am looking for with The Return Ticket.

Here is a cute photo of the newest addition in the Buckle household! You can see more photos and learn a little about this hyper furball over on my other blog (the last time I mention it, I promise)!

Happy Saturday, loves!