Monday, 28 September 2015

Picture Day Practice.

Today is 'picture day' for my niece, Charlotte. Since I was going to be off at school before she even woke up (which is just ridiculous), I thought it would be appropriate if we had a mini-shoot the evening before to practice her smile (and because she is just so cute that I want as many photos of her as I can possibly get!).

So, here are a few of my faves from yesterday's Charlotte-shoot! 
I have a feeling her 'picture day' is going to be a breeze.
Ps. This girl needs a modelling contract, ASAP!

 My nephew, Wesson, wanted to show off his Diego pj's. Haha!

I can't believe she is only FIVE! Ah! She is just the best :)

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

The First of Many.

I love this little girl to bits and I was blessed with the experience of watching her go to her first day of Elementary School yesterday! 

Watching her excitement and nerves build on our way to the school is a memory I will store away for a long time. She is just the most precious and one of the most bright 5 year olds I have ever known.

I cannot wait to watch as she becomes more of the person she is supposed to become and the stories she will share :)

Monday, 14 September 2015

Manitoba Treasures.

Since my brother and his family got here last Saturday, we have been non-stop (in the best way possible)!

We ventured down to Souris (one of my favourite spots to visit), we have discovered more nooks and crannies of Brandon and we have been enjoying our life in the little town we live in a lot more.

This past Saturday, we squished into the car with family, picked up some extended family along the way, and headed up to the beautifully breathtaking Clear Lake in Riding Mountain National Park! 

I could not believe my eyes. It was like we weren't in Manitoba anymore. There was a LAKE! And it was actually clear! It was just so magnificent! 

I will let the photos explain how gorgeous this place was and what an awesome day we all had :)

My brother took this funky photo. 
It's 'breaking' photography rules but it really captures how awesome of a day it was!