Thursday, 24 December 2015

The very best day.

It's finally here! 
The best day of the year (other than my anniversary and birthday).
Christmas Eve has been the most exciting day of the year for me since I was old enough to realize it. Christmas Day is all fun and dandy but Christmas Eve was the day my mom would spend many hours cooking, my dad would be running the final errands (last minute gift shopping and missing ingredients) and I would normally help out with the cleaning. To be honest, I cannot remember my two older brothers on this day. They were with us (I think) but I have no clue what they were doing (most likely playing video games).
Once evening broke, the door-bell would ring and it would be my best friend since birth, Annie, and her family (my second family)! Every Christmas Eve, up until about 3 years ago, her family and my family would spend Christmas Eve supper together and we would exchange gifts and just be silly, crack jokes (and farts), and the house would be full of, what some might call, "holiday cheer". 
With growing up comes bumps in traditions. It sucks, and I miss it, but we grow, expand, and life carries on differently. The fun thing about tradition is that you can make new ones and adjust old one's. 
This year will be Mark's and my first Christmas not with either of our families or in the East. We have been making the most of it out here in Manitoba with our two pups and our cat. We have been trying to make new traditions of our own, like getting an ornament every year of our marriage, and keeping with some, like watching Lord of the Rings (who else does this?)!
To sum it up, this day is the best!

I hope that all who celebrate Christmas have the most magical day and those who do not, I hope that you have the most magical day as well :)

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