Sunday, 17 April 2016


I love airports! I do not like the act of flying on a plane but I love going to the airport, getting tickets with your destination on it and finding your departing gate. 
But what I love even more than the departure side of the airport is the arrivals side.
It is the happiest place to be! Loved ones are coming home or for a visit. 
Hearts that were once broken are now mended! 
Yesterday, I was able to watch this happen :)

A few weeks ago I posted about my brother's move to Nunavut for a job. Well, things did not go as planned up there for him and he booked a flight to come home.
Meanwhile, in Nova Scotia, my niece and nephew (Charlotte and Wesson) had no idea that Hudson was coming home anytime soon. So, we all kept it a secret from them up until the very last possible second! Their mom and I told them that we needed to go and pick up my friend "Lisa" who was flying home from Alberta - they asked many questions about her that I had to make up on the spot. We arrived at the airport after a day of being spoiled with toys, treats and fun!
By this time, the kids were getting anxious to go home and play with their shiny new toys and just wanted "Lisa" to fly in another day (haha!). But "she" finally landed and we told them to try and guess who "Lisa" was. Well, when my brother started to descend the stairs, my nephew, Wesson, knew right away who Daddy was but Charlotte (my niece) was baffled! She did not know how Daddy could be there and I think she was still looking for a girl, haha!
Finally, she clued in and you could see her fill up with joy!

It was the hardest but most fun surprise I have ever been apart of and I am so happy that I was able to see it!

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