Friday, 29 January 2016

I am grateful.

Yoga is awesome. Some might even say radical, if that word is still being used. 
I have been on a 2 year yoga journey and about a year ago, I found my "yoga soulmate" - is that a thing? Well, it is now.

Yoga with Adriene has changed my life! My mind is at ease, my body works as one, and my heart is grateful. It is incredible what one person who shows up on my little 11" inch laptop can do to my life.

Yesterday's mantra during 30 Days of Yoga Camp was "I am grateful" and while laying in savasana, my mind raced with things and beings that I am grateful for. 
So here is a mini list of what I am most grateful for:

1. My husband, Mark. 

2. The man upstairs, God.

3. My family and friends.

4. Mornings.

5. My yoga journey.

6. The Find What Feels Good Community :)

The list can go on for ages but I want to know something that you are grateful for!

Happy Friday, friends :)

Swinging Bridge, Souris, Manitoba.

"Happiness cannot be travelled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. 
Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute 
with love, grace, 
and gratitude."
- Denis Waitley


  1. Loved this! I'm a massive fan of YWA too. :-)

  2. Never tried yoga but it seems like it would be good to chill me out after a hectic day at work!
    I'm also trying to be grateful and always see the positive in life this year - so far I feel so much happier for it :)
    Great post.

    KT xo.

    1. Yoga is incredible! Once you start, you will be hooked, haha!
      I am so happy that you are seeing the bright side of things, Kristy! Life is just too beautiful and we all have so much to be grateful for :)

  3. Haha, I don't have a yoga friend but I'm happy you have one! It makes yoga so much more fun! I'm so happy you have so many things to be grateful <3

    xx Bash | H E Y   B A S H | bloglovin'

    1. Haha, it is more fun to have yoga friends :)