Tuesday, 29 March 2016

To New Adventures.

We woke up before the sun and hit the open road to Winnipeg.
Today was the day that my big brother (one of two), Hudson, started his journey to Nunavut!
We were lucky enough to catch him on his way up there and spent a few hours entertaining him and removing him from the reality that lies ahead.
He left his girlfriend and their two children this morning for an opportunity that will bring them all better and brighter lives in just a few short months.
For us Woodworth's (my maiden name), leaving the comfort and familiarity of the Annapolis Valley is not an easy task. So, the fact that he is not only leaving the place that he knows so well but also his family for a few months is a brave move.

Here's hoping he loves it and that time flies for both him and his family!

 (Excuse the "can't see - too bright" faces)

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