Sunday, 17 July 2016

Chasing Dreams.

A mini trip to a different province and *poof!*... I feel like a new woman!
We all need to get away sometimes and hit the refresh button. 
Mark and I were handed that button on a silver platter and were sent to Trenton, Ontario, to look at houses and to experience the new place that we will soon call "home".
This trip started off horribly - I won't get into details... flight, car rental, etc. 
But after some bumps in the road, it turned into quite the adventure.
This place of Quinte West is full of beautiful places to discover.
Beaches galore, beautiful little towns, BLUE WATER (compared to the mostly brown water here in MB - not hating on MB!), and plenty of Tim Hortons to please the average Canadian. 
It is truly a stunning place with kind people and things on the go all the time.
I was worried that I wouldn't like it; that I would miss Manitoba, our house, the people, and the city of Brandon too much.
I did miss those things, but this is another opportunity to make something of myself. 
Another opportunity to start the next chapter; to make memories in a new place, a new home with new people.
I cannot wait to move to Ontario in a few weeks and *fingers crossed* move into our first home in November and chase my dreams, whatever they may be!

If you have ever been to this area, live in Ontario or have visited, what are some of your favourite spots to go and your favourite things to do?

One life.
Just one.
Why aren't we running like
we are on fire towards
our wildest dreams?


  1. Welcome to Ontario! When r u moving to Ontario ? And in which city r u moving? Btw I am going back to my city, Toronto... I m out of country now ...

    1. Thank you! We are moving to Trenton, Ontario! Not too far from Toronto but far enough for small town people, haha! :)

  2. What?! I didn't even realize you were Canadian! That makes two of us, haha. For me it's hard to find Canadian bloggers I love, and now yours adds to the list. One province closer to Alberta!! xx

    Kyia at WANDERLUSTGIRL// lifestyle & beauty
    Follow me at via BLOGLOVIN

    1. Oh wow! I didn't realize that you were either. I find it hard to find Canadian bloggers as well. I currently live in Manitoba so I will be going further from Alberta but closer to the East (where I am from)!

  3. I love the pic in this post. It showed a new chapter which you will doing when you move to Ontario. So glad to know that you're excited to make new memories in this new place. Would love to know more once you move this coming November. Have a great day babe! xx