Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Chicken Burrito turns three.

Today is this little chicken burrito's 3rd birthday! We call her chicken burrito because she sometimes looks like a little chicken and sometimes like a burrito, haha! But her actual name is Charlotte, and no, I did not name her. 

When we moved to Manitoba, Mark and I wanted to add another addition to our trio - we only had our pup Rosie at the time. So, while we were on our journey to our new home, I searched up the local shelter and they had many (too many) cats to choose from. Scrolling down, I stumbled upon this beautiful ginger cat with a familiar name. We both fell in love and once we arrived in Brandon, we headed to the shelter.

There were so many wonderful cats and a few adorable kittens. We had our heart set on Charlotte but when we saw all of these amazing fuzzy purr-monsters, it made our decision (mine) a little more difficult. I wanted them all but obviously, that would be a little crazy. And Charlotte was even more perfect than we imagined! She was calm with some spunk, didn't bite or scratch and she was so cuddly. She was perfect.

The next day, we got a call from the shelter saying that we could pick her up at any time.
We got her, brought her home, and it was like she had been with us since day one. She blended so well into our little family and Rosie had a new best friend :)

We could not have been blessed with a better cat than Charlotte!
(Sorry for the dragged out story. I just love my cat too much not to share!)


  1. Haha Happy birthday Chickenn Burrito! :)
    -Chloe of beyond blessed