Thursday, 4 February 2016

Terrible Twos.

Noah is two today!

As someone who does not have human children, my dogs and my cat are my children. 
I just cannot believe how far he has come as a dog. Now, that may sound weird but it's true!
When we first adopted Noah, he was such an ill pup who had a skin condition. He had little energy, was super weak and you could tell he was uncomfortable. But he was and is such a happy dog! 

After a couple of months of being on medication, he finally received a clean bill of health from the vet and quickly started to gain strength and speed. I used to be able to out-run this guy... now, I am left in the dust, haha!

He is such an awesome dog and I wish that more people would see it when we are out (his barking probably doesn't help but I mean..).
I love him so so much and if you do not own a dog, you need to head to your nearest shelter and bring home! If you can't, get a cat! And if you can't get a cat, get a hamster, bunny, fish, bird, iguana, etc. Everyone needs a pet in their lives!

This was Noah the first day we brought him home. So sweet but so sick.

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