Saturday, 25 April 2015

Saturday Story-time: Education is key.

Happy Saturday, Friends!

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. We have been enjoying some pretty beautiful weather here in South-Western Manitoba. I believe that 95% of the people who live in our area are officially out of their hibernation! It is nice to hear a little noise during the day, haha! 
With this nice weather, Mark decided it was about time to dig out his gun and hit the range!
Before I met Mark, I had never held a gun nor did I ever want to. I had no use for one and I hated hunters. But, like most people who are sceptical of things, like guns, I never had any education on them or hunting. Mark's lifestyle was different for me.
When he took me out shooting for the first time near his cabin in Newfoundland, I was terrified!
I saw all of the shells left behind from previous visits, the rock wall that stood before us, and someone's left-over freezer. None of these things made me more at ease. 
Finally, when I got behind the gun, I could feel my heart on the verge of exploding, my palms got sweaty (gross) and I wanted to throw up! Then, I closed my eyes (which I do not recommend when operating a gun..) and shot!!
To this day, I cannot think of a more exhilarating feeling that shooting a gun and hitting the target. My adrenaline kicks in, my hands still get a bit sweaty (with excitement!) and I feel pretty badass.
I will say that I will never be able to hunt and I am still not a huge fan of the sport, but I am not going to judge the people who choose to go out and kill their own food. We do what we need to survive, is how I see it now. 

There is a moral to this story and it is this: I have learned to like (almost love) something that I had hated for at least 14 years of my life (I have no idea what I hated before the age of 5) and just by being educated on the matter. 
Do not be so quick to judge. 
Education is key to a happy and fulfilling life! 

Photos shot by: Mark and Myself :)

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