Monday, 20 June 2016

I choose to be magic.

I choose to be a child of God.
I choose to love one man entirely.
I choose to see the world.
I choose to make people laugh. 
I choose to be around good and grounding energy.
I choose to inspire.
I choose to smile.
I choose to be magic.
I choose to be me.

As I was writing this out, I looked at it and saw something wrong. 
I originally wrote "I want" to all of these points. But "to want" and "to choose" are very different things. I am choosing to be happy, to love, to hold hands with God. 
To choose is to be great.
To choose is to live extraordinarily.
To choose is to achieve !

What do you choose?

Your authenticity is mesmerizing.
Your vulnerability is captivating.
Your flaws are enchanting.
Your light is breathtaking.
Your love is spellbinding.
You are magic.


  1. I love this post so much! Quite inspirational :)

  2. Wow, this is epic! Seriously wonderful stuff. I feel so joyful, so inspired now. Thank you for writing this :) You're so right -- the distance between wanting something and choosing it often feels like a million miles. Love the end quote, too.

    1. You are too sweet, Erin! I am thrilled that this post sparked some joy inside of you! :)